• What are the benefits of massage?

    Massage and touch therapy in neonates: the current evidence
    Indian Pediatr. 2010 Sep;47(9):771-6.
    Kulkarni A, Kaushik JS, Gupta P, Sharma H, Agrawal RK

    Increase in sleep quality, fewer awakenings during sleep, easy falling sleep

    Increase in neuromotor development, decrease in stress level

    More emotional binding

    A significant increase in gastric movements after the massage,

    Feeding into the systemic circulation by absorption,

    Ease in weight gain

    Adjusting the skin temperature by reducing heat dissipation from the skin surface

    Improving skin texture by removing dead skin cells and preventing dry skin and cracking

    Improving skin barrier functions

    Reducing energy consumption and thus ensuring better growth

    Massaging along with physical activity strengthens the bone

    Reduction in hospital infections

    Their massage environment should have a soft light, warm temperature, and low noise level. Massages should be performed between meals (45 min-1 hours to prevent vomiting)

    People with cardiac disease should not be given massages.