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  • What are the issues to be considered when bathing a baby?

    Skin cleansing products contain surfactants which remove dirt by rinsing.

  • How does essential fatty acid deficiency affect skin health?

    The stratum corneum consists mainly of lipids, proteins, enzymes, and water.

  • What are the benefits of massage?

    Increase in sleep quality, fewer awakenings during sleep, easy falling sleep.

  • What are the methods of preventing and treating diaper region dermatitis?

    This method can also be called the ABCDE approach.

  • Are all cleaning products harmful to the baby’s skin?

    The pH of healthy baby skin should be 5.5. However, some soaps and cleansers can raise the skin pH up to 9-10, therefore damaging the skin.

  • What is the newborn skin structure?

    The skin is composed of the stratum corneum at the top, the epidermis that develops underneath, its the dermis layer under this. There are 16 layers (corneosit) in the stratum corneum.