Our Philosophy

At Planto Baby®, our central philosophy is to provide parents with hypoallergenic cosmeceutical skin care products and baby health products, all developed from a pharmaceutical perspective.

Planto Baby® products line was developed in 2018 by Chem. Eng. Semra Aktas Simsek a passionate and experienced woman in the field of pharmaceutical R&D environment and co-founder of CT Pharma Research® with a vision to provide safe and effective baby skincare products with natural ingredients to parents.

The brand's focus on plant-based ingredients comes from a belief that natural solutions are best for babies' sensitive skin. Planto Baby® was born from the desire to provide babies with the best care using natural ingredients and to offer high-quality products to parents who want only the best for their little ones.

Our founder, a chemical engineer with years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, noticed a gap in the market for safe, effective, and gentle baby skincare products while she grew up her son. With a passion for science and a love for her job, she dreamed of developing plant-based products for sensitive baby skin.

At Planto Baby®, we believe in a holistic approach to mother and baby health. Our innovative and custom-tailored products are developed with scientific methods and are hypoallergenic, containing no irritants. We aim to provide safe and effective solutions that promote physical, mental, and emotional balance for both mother and baby. We also underscore this objective in our Planto Baby brand imagery, depicting a mother tenderly embracing her baby, symbolizing a holistic bond between mother and child.

Our philosophy is rooted in our expertise in drug development, assuring that our products are scientifically backed, effective, and devoid of harmful chemicals and additives.

The success of the Planto Baby® brand led to the establishment of Planto Health® in 2022, which aims to focus on women's, maternal and child health.

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