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At Planto Baby®, we offer 'Custom-Tailored' special cosmeceutical baby health and skincare products. These are developed with scientific methods, contributing to the secure bonding between mother and baby, and supporting baby's holistic health, including physical, mental, and emotional balance.

My journey began in the pharmaceutical industry in 2000, working in R&D and licensing fields. I co-founded CT Pharma Research, a company that operates in drug research and development. My son was only 3 years old when I transitioned from white collar to entrepreneurship in my career. Following the establishment of our company, I managed a multitude of pharmaceutical R&D studies, working at an intense pace.

As a woman passionate about innovation, development, and success, I consistently kept up with scientific advancements globally and stayed committed to my career. Perhaps the mother in me, owing a pharmaceutical R&D company, dealing with science and loving her job, sparked the idea of creating cosmeceutical products that also my son can use, grounded in current scientific knowledge.

When we started this cosmeceutical products project, we dreamed of creating products with plant-based ingredients beneficial for sensitive and atopy-prone baby skin. We designed a logo of a mother embracing her baby in a safe green house.

And so, Planto Baby® was born.

Sometime after designing the logo, I came across the books of pediatrician and psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott. One sentence struck a chord: 'There is no baby. In the beginning, there is a baby and its mother.' This sentence made me realize that my childhood memories of frequent hospital stays due to allergic asthma, often separated from my mother, influenced the brand image of Planto Baby®, which emphasizes the mother-infant bond and unity.

As a mother who always follows scientific knowledge, I hope that Planto Baby®, born from my personal experiences, will contribute to the formation of a pleasant and secure bond between you and your baby.


Chem. Eng. Semra Aktas Simsek



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